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WOI Book Review: Trace of Echoes by Paul Steinberg

Sometimes love comes to us in unusual or unexpected ways as Dalton Hunter learned in Hurry Moon. Imagine falling in love with someone in your dreams and not really knowing if this person is an illusion or real. What would you do if you found or met your true love each time you went to bed,
had talks, went places and woke up remembering what happened but the person was gone? Sienna and Dalton had this make believe storybook or fairytale romance in his dreams from the time he turned seven. Their love and their adventures progressed over time until he became an adult. She was
there to guide him through many adolescent experiences, dating, friendships and even his first job. Becoming a famous photographer and working in the fashion industry was his entry into the world of film. Working for a man named Marcel for a while gave him hefty start and a huge salary thanks to
one of his professors. But, uneasy and wanting more he meets Samantha Choice and develops what he thinks could be a permanent relationship except Sienna is watching from the sidelines and realizes disaster when she sees it. So, when Dalton overhears her talking to her father and realizes her motive for wanting to marry him or have him in his life he takes action. But, Tony Choice is not someone you trifle with and revenge is on the menu in this second of the series Trace of Echoes by Paul Steinberg. The story starts where it ended off in the last book with Sienna recounting the past, telling
what happens with her mother who is not sure it is time for her to become Dalton’s reality and finding her way to a train station and that’s where we shall begin. 
When Sienna finally finds Dalton what happens next is right out of a romance novel with an unusual plot as Dalton introduces her to his father and his wife Sherry and then he meets with Francesca and Garrett her father.
The interaction is unique as his father is not completed convinced or overjoyed on the phone as yet. Hoping to buy a home in New York and both starting their own businesses there are two people that will do anything to foil their ambitions. Why Dalton decided to use Lindsey a friend of
Samantha Choice to help with these prospects is quite startling as Tony Choice and his daughter Samantha will do anything for revenge. Dalton is about to open Dream Brink photography studio and Sienna an office in her parent’s company. As their lives intertwine and the wedding plans are going
forward will Tony Choice with the help of Jasmine, Samantha’s assistant take Dalton down?
When both sets of parents finally meet and the reveals come out Sienna has to decide whether she can forgive her mother for not telling her about her connection with her father. Not the same as hers with Dalton yet powerful too. Things take a different turn as Dalton leaves for Paris, Sherry and Don
go home and their new offices built as Sienna and her mother come into a working relationship and hopefully can repair the rift that almost tore them apart. As Tony Choice and his new interest in Jasmine, Samantha’s assistant is trying to undo the business contracts set up by Marcel for Dalton. Lies, betrayals, deceits, backstabbing and revenge come into play in this second book in the series.
The relationship between Sienna and her mother deepens as her mother explains the meaning of A Trace of Echoes as the sounds she heard when connecting with Garrett at the start of their relationship. As Dalton learns that someone is out to sabotage his new venture hoping Marcel can find the answers. 
Throughout the novel the author allows readers to hear many different viewpoints and voices in each chapter as Don relates his feelings and his experiences with Dalton and Sienna and Jasmine and Terry reveal how they are both working to destroy him and why. Each voice is distinct and each one expresses his/her emotional strains and reasons for their actions whether positive or negative. Jasmine is enjoying the increase in her funds in the bank so why not allow Tony to pay for her time and pleasure. Added in Samantha stole the designs from someone named Ivan from a designer
named Anna who she is using as the main logo or take AN NA for her new company. 
An event for Samantha’s new company brings all the parties in contact and the icy frost cannot be denied. Yet, Samantha seems to have an unusual relationship with Terrence/Terry and their work and outside relationship is quite unique. Added in Jasmine and Tony seem closer but the dialogue in
some places seems uneven and not like normal conversation. Although Samantha seems to want to move ahead her father is bent on destroying Dalton could his ace in the hole be Francesca? The hard feelings run far and wide and before the ending or solution comes will Dalton’s company open
with any clients and success? Just whose side is Jasmine on and what about Jennifer? Each side having someone to do the dirty work and yet reporting to both sides what they find? Who can be trusted? 
Things backfire as you hear several new voices as Tony Choice never sees it coming and Jasmine will learn the real meaning of deception and being used. As the sides take on each other wait until you see which one wins. Revenge, backstabbing, distrust and loyalties are all broken and severed as someone is bound to come out on top but who? 
The office climate changes as Francesca teaches Tony a lesson that he will never forget as the CEO of the company changes hands and Samantha learns more about humility than she ever expected. With Jonny(Skip) now at her side and Terrence taking on a new role and Lindsey finding Jennifer an asset
to her company things take many different turns as Dalton and Sienna prepare for a wedding with vows that are totally unconventional. Where will they all wind up? Will everyone finally learn to trust the other? What happens when Tony’s wife lays it on the line and Jasmine finds out what that
line is? The ending is just the beginning for Sienna and Dalton as the sounds that she hears, the vibrations and noises are the beautiful Trace of Echoes created by the author for this novel. What’s next for everyone? The answer is in the final volume of this trilogy. 
Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ Magazine

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