Friday, March 24, 2017

WOI Book Review: Blossom Dawn by Paul Steinberg

Dalton and Sienna are back in the final installment of this trilogy as we learn more about their connection, the deceit that someone close to them creates and what happens when Francesca goes after Tony Choice and a strange end result. Within this novel we get to understand their connection and how it will spill over to their children when we learn that Sienna is about to have a child and it’s a boy named Joshua. Joshua seems to run her pregnancy in the later stages and demands in his own way to see the bright or light wanting to be born even before is physically ready to greet the world and his family. But, the scene is quite unique and what Sienna does to convince the doctor definitely not orthodox when dealing with the birth of a child and yet Joshua has his wish. It seems that he has an inborn connection to Sienna and can telepathically communicate his wishes and words with her even before being born. He does not have this with Dalton at present. But, giving birth early seems to be how the book begins and the family on both sides is delighted to have Joshua to nurture, spoil and teach the ropes of being a part of two amazing and powerful families. Yet, there is much more that is presented as we learn about Jasmine and Tony Choice’s relationship and how that leads to marriage. At first it seems like the right path for her but later on you will learn that not every choice made is the right one and things between Jasmine and Tony after having his child change and not for the better. Samantha is about to marry Jonny who Dalton has given much control of his company Dream Brink why he explores other avenues to widen his network and his business connections. Things seem to go along okay as we meet Joshua at age three and find out that he too has the same connections as Sienna and Dalton but not with one dream friend two. Marie and Maria are the two girls and while young they seem to not be concerned about the other until things change when Joshua becomes a teen.
Bailey and Joshua are close siblings and their connection to Dalton and Sienna are quite unique. With Bailey connecting more with her mother and Joshua at times with both as something changes within him meeting Marie and Maria in his dreams and forming a relationship with both. Things do not always stay the same as Tony Choice learns what happens when he double-crosses Francesca and Garrett with the help of Skip/Jonny, Samantha’s husband. Jasmine learns more about Tony and realizes that it’s time to call it quits as young Tony Junior rebels and his friendship with Bailey and Jonny change. While Skip does his recon on Tony and lands him in jail, things change for his son and although divorced Jasmine needs him as a link to straightening him out. 

Dalton becomes restless and Marie becomes a movie star and model thanks to him and Marcel as her mother worries about her success moving too fast as her choice in Diego as a new boyfriend shows. With Joshua and Bailey pursuing their dreams him as a guitarist and singer along with getting closer to Maria his other dream time friend, Bailey has to decide which one Tony or Jonny might be right for her. Teen romance, adults that have the itch to change what they are doing and Sienna taking over for her mother as head of Risingtide, what will the final outcome be for all of them? 

Relationships change and friendships are tested when Bailey and Tony go their separate ways and he forms another with Malinda. But, when Dalton decides to change gears and move on to another area and type of photography something changes when Sienna returns home. The author adds a touch of suspense and mystery as Dalton disappears off the radar when his plane goes down and Sienna loses the connection. But, will bringing everyone that loves him together help find him or is the connection gone? What happens when the connection is broken and will anyone find where he is? A story of hope, trust and the ending will make you wonder if there are new beginnings and perhaps stories for Tony, Johnny, Joshua and Bailey as they all go off in their own directions. 

Blossom Dawn as relationships turn from small seeds, to flowers and blossom or bloom into something that is a powerful as a bouquet of red roses. The cover of the book was created and painted by the author that shows each of the members of Dalton’s family and the shadowed figures you can tell who they are.

Interesting book. Unique concept to have people connects in their dreams but even more as the young people take on lessons from the adults and hopefully they will blossom too. 

Fran Lewis: Just reviews/MJ Magazine

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